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released June 3, 2014

Fullcount is:

Jessy Boilard: Drums & Vocals
Jean-Philippe Alain: Guitar & Vocals
Max Catellier: Guitar & Vocals
Chris Lehoux: Vocals & Bass
P-O Brouard: Guitar & Vocals
Produced by Fullcount
Recorded February to April 2014 at Studio 3-2, Québec, Canada
Engineered and mixed by Jessy Boilard
Mastered by Jeff Fortin at BadAss Studio
All music and lyrics by Fullcount
Gang vocals by Fullcount and a bunch of awesome dudes
(Cess, Guy-P, Boozer, Hugo McMoustache, Seb C., Vince F., Mike M., Rat, Burger, Jeff G., Fred D-D., Vandal)

Special guest appearance on:
“Back to Square One” by Mike Morin from Set it Back;
“Strike my Balls” by Jean-Philippe X Lagacé from Get the Shot
“Worn Soles” by The Matchup;
Art Direction, illustrations and layout by Sebas Thériault@SterioDesign
Photo by Daniel Vandal@KREACT



all rights reserved


FULLCOUNT Quebec City, Québec

Fast and melodic punk rock merging technical riffs and sing along choruses hailing from Quebec City.

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Track Name: Thin And Loud
Tricking yourself you're wiser again from up your fence
I guess ignorance justified it all for so long
Curse from one hand; cheat with the other, a pattern meant to spoil
Cat sees lion reflects in the mirror, your ego drags you down
You're talking thin and loud
Speaking in surface, yet no substance
Your pretence chalks you out
You're talking thin and loud
Your ego drags you down

Pretender, my knives beg for your back
Impostor, I see you shroud your lacks
Troublesome complacence
Same foregone conclusion

Cast, reel, play your blandest bait down the hook ‘til one fucking bites
Hey guess what? Well, I’m not that dumb fish you feed
Another story, another lie, until my jaw’s clenched down the line
Climbing to the dropping edge. Proud, you’ll climb it up to a much deserved fall
‘Til you learn what goes around, comes around
Off with your bruised karma, now you’ve lost your ground
A broken pedestal, shattered bones, wounded mind
What a shame to wipe the blood and the dirt off your mouth
You’ve pushed your luck again as if we ain’t got no clue
T’would crash into, into your face

Pretender, impostor
Track Name: Out Of Time
Today I feel alive
I cross the river; I reach the scatterbrain’s land
All day long with bottle in hand
Breathing some happiness
Drinking myself to forget this rumble in my chest
Don’t wanna fight my weakness
On Saturday we jam we drink we hang out with our fucking friends
Another Sunday morning wasted but happy we’ve made it

Every night, we're out of time and
Every day, we stand in line then
Spending our lives, 8 days a week
Wasting good times, we’re unsteady

Wake up it’s already morning
Tired of everything and sick of driving
To this place that kills my willing
Walking right to the office
Through all these empty faces
Same cold coffee
This brainwashing machine’s gonna get me

We're not falling
We keep ourselves in total action
We're not sinking
We live our life for real, no fiction
We're not stopping
We focus on the same direction
We're just living

Spending our lives, 8 days a week
Wasting good times, we’re unsteady
Track Name: Lost It All
It was a perfect shiny day
When everything‘s OK
Everything’s OK
Blue sky flowing in my veins
But an outburst is coming, I can feel the rain

I always thought you were the one
Last night you proved that I was wrong
That’s why today I’d write this song
You left me here like broken bones
My frustration’s out of bounds
So many things were left untold
I’ve lost it all, I’ve lost it all
I must overcome with no regrets now

Like a punch in my face
You’ve dropped these shitty words
Before you left my place
It fucking felt awkward
You’ve asked me for one fucking last kiss
Now I regret the chance I missed
I guess no other chances like this
Never ending story turned into no story at all

People say that time goes by
But no one knows how and why
Fuck you all, a bunch of lies
I’m working on a puzzle that’s missing a part
Spread on the floor, I’ve never been fucked up like this before
Never ending story turned into no story at all

Last twenty days have gone so fast
I can’t believe it never lasts
Can you believe I’d dig the gap?
Bad days are now right behind me
No turning back ‘til I get free
Stronger, I just wanna be
Track Name: Worn Soles
A thousand miles bound to our worn soles but we didn’t expect it yet
Did we just pay it from our sweat?
We made it through dirt, cold and damned darkness with black lungs, out of breath
We’re so far away from the wreck

Am I dreaming? I can’t believe what’s happening
Am I screaming, screaming loud enough?
Though this cold rain’s flooding my black lake
Was this really meant to break?
We’ll never surrender, we’ll fucking remember
Tell me, though they brought tons of hope from handshakes
Debts for mines, our own mistake
We’ll never surrender, we’ll fucking remember
Tell me, was Man nature’s sole mistake?

Time goes by and I still wonder
How long ‘til we’re grasped by the neck?
We’re getting closer to the wreck
Should we leave for Quebec City?
Or should we dig one more for the braves?
Trust me, cuz we won’t be confined to the caves

It’s time to blow off the dust
We will never surrender
It’s time to get rid of the rust
We’ll fucking remember
It’s time to shake it off
Cuz we'll never surrender
To stay together’s what we must
Then we’ll be remembered
Now it's time to hold our hands and stop the bleeding
You know it's time to look around my friends you'll see you're not alone

A lifetime spent down the hole
Surrounded by empty souls
Growing feelings of hate crossing the line
We’re following the light
Track Name: Selfinfection
I wanna pass through, before it kills me
Too late or too soon, it still infects me
I wanna step back, and clear up my pace
It’s like a heart attack in my face
The storie’s over, but where’s my end?
I asked for answers, looked for the evidence
I give up now, fuck shut it up
I’m greater somehow, cuz you won’t make me stop

Is that your unstable belief of a fucked up personality?
You ask for aid when your heart is bleeding
And say goodbye as clouds appear
There’s something loud over my head
You stole my air so I can’t breathe
You caused my light turning to red
But now it’s going back to green

You just want to break me down and hit my head against the wall
But I’m not as faint as you believed before

You built your own disaster field
You feed and drink your own disease
Don’t wanna get caught by your self-infection
The way you live makes clouds appear
Track Name: No Way Out
I’m doing my best but every day is getting harder and harder
Oppression, frustration, decision, objection
Get up your ass, don’t wanna be the last
Don’t blame yourself, accept the facts
So step back my friends, I’m coming back
But I won’t sell myself for that

Have I waited too long? Almost 10 years planning this
While you’re living in your world where there is no way out
And I’m standing blind, something in mind
And I’ll find the way
I’ll find the way
We’ll find the way
I’ll find the way
We’ll find the way out

Walking on the edge, I’m falling apart
The higher I get, harder’s the fall
I’m losing my mind; the boat is sinking, still sinking
The deeper I get, I’ll be facing the wall
I see the lights, am I so far?
They’re moving on, they leave me here
Left here and alone, will I be waiting here for long?
You missed the train, you got to know

Get up your ass and find the way out
So get up your ass and find your way out
Track Name: Meaningless
So tell me what you’re looking for when ripping off these walls
Are you running away from your mess, your disgrace?
Why are you ripping off these walls?
Are you really proud of yourself?
It really doesn’t matter how hard you gonna fight for it
There’s one in a billion chances that you’ll finally, you’ll finally fix it
You’re following the path of your own doomsday, lost in a state of decay
Don’t you see problems on the way?

Hey, you’re walkin’ down a mean road
Stop acting like a dead stone and make it by your own
You’re stuck in a roundabout
Keep your foot out of your mouth and make it by your own

Somehow, worms already reached the core
But how far, will you let spreading the spores?
You’re trying to get your ass out of this nasty necrosis
And then you are underestimating this war
I think you’ve lost so far, and I think you know you are underestimating this war
Unable to read inside your head, looks like your plans are meaningless
Haunted body, so lifeless
You don’t want to know and don’t want to grow
Haunted body, so lifeless
Track Name: Strike My Balls
Wake me, wake me, wake me up now
Kill me, kill me if I give up somehow
I don’t wanna taste that shit spread all around
Hit me, hit me, strike my balls now
Trust me, trust me, cuz I won’t fall down
I just wanna face that fucking mess around
Now I’m looking inside of me
Following this I’m accurate
Gravity keeps me grounded
But people make me wonder
I suffocate, it’s drilling me
I’m gathering like GSP
Gravity keeps me grounded
But I won’t take it for granted

Dare me, ‘til I get my ball to run
I’m keeping my eyes on this
Tell me, all my fears are finally gone
I'm striking them one by one

Then there was a light inside of me
I broke my chains and set me free
I ran out fast to see the day
A brand new dawn's not far away
I slam the door, I cut the bridge
Beneath my feet, across the hills
But we go back where we belong
After third base you’re going home
You’re going home, you’re going home
After third base you’re going home
You’re going home, you’re (fucking) going home
Track Name: Back To Square One
Your severed tail dangles from my teeth
I cannot help but watch you escape from me
And I know it pains you less than it does to me, so deceiving
It’s the casualties of our parted feelings
My mind is plagued with the worst and the best; Status quo
Anger feeds my trauma and holds me down

Way deep, call it hell and
Bleed (it) out from my mind tonight
Wasted but impelled
Cause I'm back to square one to fight tonight

Shed your skin, your time’s been spent on half-beliefs
Sink or swim, these poisoned thoughts are wearing thin
You’ve drawn the line and turned your back on me
I’m sick of all that’s been left underneath
But still, I confess; my rancor weighs me down
I wish I did my best but that's not enough

Ten thousand miles from where we left off and I swear I've grown some bones
Looking back then, I’m so amazed how time goes by but does no wrong